Latest UPSC Recruitment Specialist Grade III Gastroentrology Department of Health and Family Welfare – (1) Grate Opportunity

Latest UPSC Recruitment Specialist Grade III Gastroentrology Department of Health and Family Welfare: HQ: New Delhi. (Vacancy No.20010214125) One vacancy for the post of Specialist Grade III (Gastroenterology), Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (UR-01)

Latest UPSC Recruitment Specialist Grade III Gastroentrology Department of Health and Family Welfare: The posts are suitable for Physically Challenged person viz. Locomotor Disability including Cerebral Palsy/ Leprosy Cured/ Dwarfism/ Acid Attack Victims/ Muscular Dystrophy with disability i.e. One leg affected (R or L) (OL) or One arm affected (R or L) (OA).

Age Limit: 45 years.



A recognized MBBS qualification included in the First or Second Schedule or Part II of the Third Schedule (other than licentiate qualifications) to the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956. Holders of Educational qualifications included in Part II of the Third Schedule should also fulfill the conditions stipulated in sub-section (3) of section (13) of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956.

Post-Graduate Degree in the concerned super speciality mentioned in Section A of Schedule VI or equivalent i.e. DM (Medical Gastroenterology)/ DM (Gastroenterology)/MD (Medicine) or MD (Paediatrics) with two years special training in Gastroenterology.


Three years’ experience in the concerned discipline after obtaining the first Post Graduate Degree.


I: M.R.C.P. /F.R.C.P., F.R.C.S. refers to Diploma or Membership and Fellowship awarded by all the Royal College of U.K. and Fellowship of Royal College of U.K. and Fellowship of Royal College of Canada.

II: Holders of Speciality Board of USA qualifications should complete the entire requirements of the Board concerned.

III: Any Post Graduate Degree or Diploma awarded by any Indian Universities, included in or excluded from, the Schedules to Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 (102 of 1956), consequent to recognition granted or withdrawn by Govt. of India as per provisions of the said Act shall be deemed to have been included or excluded accordingly from the Schedule-VI.

IV: In so far as Post-graduate Medical Qualification awarded by Indian Universities are concerned, they should also find a place in the Schedule to the India Medical Council Act, 1956 as amended from time to time.

V: In terms of Govt. of India. M/o Health & Family Welfare (Department of Health) Notification No V.110015/12/78-ME (Policy), dated 29/08/1978 the qualifications granted in United Kingdom shall be recognized medical qualifications only when granted on or before 11th November, 1978.

VI: Holders of equivalent Post-graduate qualifications are approved by the Medical Council of India from time to time will be considered to have requisite Post Graduate qualification in the subject concerned.

VII: In case of qualifications in super specialties (M.Ch./DM), except in case of holders should have obtained M.D. (General Medicine) or M.S. (General Surgery) or an equivalent qualification as prescribed by the said Council in its recommendation on Post Graduate Medical Examination.

VIII: The crucial date for determining the age limit shall be the closing date for receipt of applications from candidates in India.

IX: The qualifications are relaxable at the discretion of the Union Public Service Commission, for reasons to be recorded in writing, in case of candidates otherwise well qualified.

X: The qualification(s) regarding experience is/are relaxable at discretion of the Union Public Service Commission, for reason to be recorded in writing, in the case of candidates belonging to the Schedule Tribes if, at any stage of selection, the Union Public Service Commission is of the opinion that sufficient number of candidates from these communities possessing the requisite experience are not likely to be available to fill up the vacancies reserved for them.

Roles & Responsibilities:-


Candidates shall work in the dispensaries and hospitals of the Government of NCT of Delhi and shall be primarily handling patients of various types in these Hospitals and dispensaries for medical care. However they can, also be entrusted with other work including administrative and other related work as per exigencies of the Public Service. Any Other Conditions: Persons appointed to the service shall not be allowed Private practice of any kind what so ever including any consultation and laboratory practice/work.

Latest UPSC Recruitment Specialist Grade III Gastroentrology Department of Health and Family Welfare – This Post are Permanent

Latest UPSC Recruitment Specialist Grade III Gastroentrology Department of Health and Family Welfare
Latest UPSC Recruitment Specialist Grade III Gastroentrology Department of Health and Family Welfare

Latest UPSC Recruitment Specialist Grade III Gastroentrology Department of Health and Family Welfare:

Headquarters: NCT Government of Delhi


(1) Candidates are requested to apply online only for this recruitment on the online recruitment application (ORA) website and do not write to the Commission for the application form. They are requested to visit the website carefully along with the details of the post and instructions given below.

(2) * Age limit shown against item numbers 3 * and 4 * is reserved for SC candidates, relaxation in age limit for SC candidates. The age limit against all the items is the normal age limit and age is reserved for up to 5 years for SC / ST candidates and up to 3 years for OBC candidates.

a) A caste certificate in the prescribed proforma to the candidates belonging to SC / ST / OBC Will have to be produced. For age relaxation applicable to other categories of applicants, please refer to the relevant paragraph of “Instructions and additional information to candidates for recruitment by selection”.

b) A candidate will only be eligible to get the benefit of community reservation (Important) The closing date for summary of Online Recruitment Application (ORA), through ORBSIT is 23:59 HRS at 13: 59.2020.

Latest UPSC Recruitment Specialist Grade III Gastroentrology Department of Health and Family Welfare, First date 14.02.2020 for publication of fully online application

But 23:59 is HRS. Dates to indicate the eligibility of all the candidates present in each of the closures prescribed for online registration (ORA) submission. Applications are filled in online registration in all parts of the application, which have been provided on the basis of misinformation, which are like the computers that are received from these computers.

c) During the interview, the candidate is required to be associated with his / her online application for the interview, which is different documents from other candidates in different assets. The list of reserved communities issued by the central government includes special castes, which are candidates. If a candidate signs in his application, ensure that he belongs to SC / ST / OBC / General category but later writes to the Commission to change his category, such request will not be considered by the Commission.

d) Physically handicapped (PH) handicapped person or persons, as indicated against various item (s) in the VACANCY statement, even if not reserved for them at the post concerned, but identified as appropriate . However, such candidates will be considered for selection to such post by general standard of qualification. Persons suffering not less than 40% of the relevant disability will be eligible for reservation and other exemption benefits under the rules alone.

Thus, physically challenged (PH) persons can take advantage of:

i) Only physical disability degree as per the reservation and other concessions and exemptions rules is 40% or more and posts are reserved for PH candidates.

ii) Other concessions and exemptions under the rules are available only when the degree of physical disability is 40% or more and the posts are suitable for PH candidates.

E) Chief: Anywhere in India, especially in places stated against certain positions. F) Procedure: Selected persons will be appointed on probation as per rules.

Instructions for receipt by selection and for personal information:


There should also be a candidate:

(a) a citizen of India, or

(B) a subject of Nepal, or

(c) the subject of Bhutan, or

(D) A Tibetan refugee who came to India before January 1, 1962 with the intention of permanently settling in India.

Latest UPSC Recruitment Specialist Grade III Gastroentrology Department of Health and Family Welfare – Pay attention:-

1. The applications of the candidate in whose case a certificate of eligibility is required may be considered by the Commission and if it is recommended for appointment, the candidate is being issued by the Government in his favor

May be provisionally appointed subject to necessary certificate. Of India.

2. Age Limits:

The advertisement has given an age limit for the post. For some age concessions acceptable for different categories, please go through the instructions regarding concessions and exemptions.

3. Minimum educational qualification:

All applicants must meet the required requirements of the post and other conditions laid down in the advertisement. They are advised to satisfy themselves before applying that they have the least required qualifications prescribed for various posts. Any inquiry seeking advice as to eligibility will not be considered.


I: The required qualification prescribed is minimum and only the right of the candidates is not to be called for interview.

II: Before applying, according to the number of applications, it will be necessary to send a computer list to find out the number of candidates to mention the number of applicants for the company recruitment:


(A) Desirable Qualification must be as per published.

(b) On the basis of educational qualification more than the minimum prescribed in the advertisement.

(c) Based on higher experience in the relevant field than the minimum prescribed in the advertisement.

(D) By computing experience before or after obtaining the required qualifications.

(oking) by invoking experience even in cases where there is no experience mentioned as required qualification (EQ) or desired qualification (DQ).

(F) By conducting recruitment examination. Detailed cinematography, moreover, all on the basis of his / her qualifications and calculate the minimum quality everywhere and to be included in the list.


In cases where the selection is made after the interview by test (RT), the candidate has to achieve a minimum level of suitability in both the “recruitment test” as well as the view interview in his category. The minimum level of suitability in the case of RT will be decided by the Commission on a case by case basis.


In the case of ECOs / SSCOs including Ex-Servicemen and Commissioned Officers, the upper age limit will be relaxed by five years with the condition that continuous service rendered in the Armed Forces by an ex-serviceman Attestation on the last date of receipt of application. K is not less than six months.


(A) Ex-servicemen who have received regular employment under the Central Government. The benefit of age relaxation as permissible for ExServicemen is permitted to gain another employment in any higher post or service under the Central Government in a civil post. However, such candidates will not be eligible for the benefit of reservation, if there is one for ex-servicemen in the Central Government. Jobs.

(B) To qualify for the concession under (a) above, the candidates concerned will be required to produce a certificate which has been issued to them from the Defense Forces. The certificate for ECOs / SSCOs including ex-servicemen and commissioned officers should be signed by the appropriate authorities given below and should also specify the duration of service.

Defence Force: –

(i) In case of Commissioned Officers including ECO / SSCO: Army: Directorate of Personnel Services, Army Headquarters, New Delhi.

(ii) In case of JCOs / ORs and equivalent of Navy and Air Force: Army: By various Regimental Record Offices. Navy: Naval Record, Bombay Air Force: Air Force Record, New Delhi.

(C) Age relaxation for Central Government employees: – i) Upper age limit is comfortable for Central / UT. Government. Servants up to 5 years old as per instructions issued by the government. Of India from time to time. (10 years for SC / ST people and 8 years for OBCs in respect of posts reserved for them as per instructions issued by the Government of India).

ii) This exemption will be admissible for 3 years of continuous service in the Central Government and Government employees working in the same posts or allied cadres and where a relationship can be established that the service already rendered at that particular post is useful. For the efficient discharge of the duties of the post being recruited. The decision in this regard will rest with the Commission.

iii) A candidate, who claims to fall in the category of Central Government servant and thus seeking age relaxation under this post, is issued after the date of advertisement from his employer to the head of his office A certificate has to be produced in the prescribed proforma. The effect that he / she has on regular appointed Central Government servants and not on casual / adhoc / daily salary / hourly payment / contracted employee.

(A) During the period from January 1, 1980 to December 31, 1989, the age relaxation was granted to persons residing in the State of Jammu and Kashmir in general:

The relaxation in upper age limit of 5 years will be admissible to all those who were domiciled in the state of Jammu and Kashmir duringthe period from January 1, 1980 to December 31, 1989. This exemption will be applicable till 31.12.2019.

(B) Age relaxation to physically challenged (PH) persons:

i) Upper age limit will be relaxed for 10 years (15 years for SC / ST candidates and 13 years for OBC candidates).

(A) blindness or low vision,

(B) hearing loss and

(C) locomotor disability or cerebral palsy,

In the case of direct recruitment to all civil posts / services under the Central Government, suitable identification was made for persons with disabilities who are subject to the condition that the maximum age of the applicant on the closing date would not exceed 56 years.

Age relaxation will be admissible for persons with disabilities.

ii) Relaxation in age limit will be permissible for persons with minimum 40% disability.

iii) If the handicapped person is entitled to age relaxation due to being a Central Government employee, then the concession will be admissible to him / her as a ‘person with disability’ or ‘Central Government employee’, whichever is more beneficial. May be him / her.

iv) The above provisions will not be applicable to the post / service for which other specific provisions regarding age relaxation have been made by notification.

v) The definition of various categories of the disabled, for the purpose of age relaxation, is given in DoP & T’s OM No. 36035/3/2004-Estt (Reservation) dated 29 December 2005. 6.

 Latest UPSC Recruitment Specialist Grade III Gastroentrology Department of Health and Family Welfare
Latest UPSC Recruitment Specialist Grade III Gastroentrology Department of Health and Family Welfare

Latest UPSC Recruitment Specialist Grade III Gastroentrology Department of Health and Family Welfare:



i) The candidates have to apply online through the website

ii)  Upload Documents & Certificates, As claimed in the online application, a PDF file in such a way that the file size does not exceed 2 MB and is legible when the printout is taken. For that purpose, the applicant can scan the following documents / certificates in 200 dpi gray scale.

A) Matriculation / 10th grade or equivalent certificate indicating date of birth, or equivalent in matriculation / 10th class marksheet or issued by Central / State Board indicating birth date in support of age claim. Where date of birth is not available in the certificate / mark sheet issued by the respective academic boards, the school leaving certificate indicating the date of birth (in case of Tamil Nadu and Kerala).

B) Provisional certificate with mark sheet related to all academic years, in the absence of degree / diploma certificate.

C) In respect of equivalent educational qualification, an order / letter has been claimed indicating authority (with number and date) under which it is in relation to the equivalent section of the required qualification, if any candidate has a special qualification. According to the requirement of advertisement, as claimed equivalent qualification.

A) The certificate (s) should mention the nature of duties / experience received in the post (s) along with the period (s). Experience certificate should be issued in the prescribed format relevant to the post. The experience certificate is not in the prescribed proforma, but the qualification will be considered by the Commission covering all the details mentioned above.

B) Caste certificate by the candidate seeking reservation as SC / ST / OBC in the prescribed proforma from the competent authority, clearly the caste of the candidate, the act / order under which the caste is SC / ST / OBC and The candidate is usually resident as the village / city is recognized.

C) A declaration in the format prescribed by the candidate seeking reservation as OBC, that he does not belong to the creamy layer on the important date other than the community certificate (OBC). Unless otherwise specified, the scheduled completion date is considered as the critical date for receiving the online recruitment application for the post.

D) The competent authority to issue physically handicapped certificate shall be a medical board constituted by the Central or State Government.

E) Documentary support for any other claims made. Note: If any document / certificate is furnished, which is in a language other than Hindi or English, to be duly uploaded, verified by a Gazetted Officer or a Notary.

For more information Download the detailed advertisement of Latest UPSC Recruitment Specialist Grade III Gastroentrology Department of Health and Family Welfare UPSC click below:-


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