Latest Govt Jobs In India Fresh Govt Jobs Recent Govt Jobs Notifications 2020

Latest Govt Jobs In India Fresh Govt Jobs Recent Govt Jobs Notifications 2020: Documentation & Certification 53 UPSC Vacancy

Latest Govt Jobs In India Fresh Govt Jobs Recent Govt Jobs Notifications 2020: Based on the information provided in the online applications submitted by the applicants, the shortlisted candidates are required to send a self-attested copy of the documents / relevant certificates in support of the claims made and the Commission. “WARNING”: Based on the information provided by the online applications, candidates will be listed for the interview, they must be convinced Is that the information is true.
If any information provided by them at any ancillary stage or interview or claimed online by them is incorrect, their candidate will be left on eligibility and all liable to be responsible for the period specified by them: EX any examination or commission commissioned by them. ND central government from any job under them.

Latest Govt Jobs In India Fresh Govt Jobs Recent Govt Jobs Notifications 2020
Latest Govt Jobs In India Fresh Govt Jobs Recent Govt Jobs Notifications 2020

Vacancy Details


Latest Govt Jobs In India Fresh Govt Jobs Recent Govt Jobs Notifications 2020, It will be prepared during the interview. The printout of the online application and the self-certified copy of the summons for the interview and the other original documents/certificates along with other items will be prepared at the time of the interview, failing which the candidate will not be seen. In such a case, such a candidate is not eligible to receive the commission’s share in travel expenses for the interview:

A) Matriculation / Tenth or equivalent certificate:

Showing the date of birth, or matrix/tenth mark sheet or equivalent issued by the Central / State Board. Showing birth dates in support of their age claim. If the date of birth is not available in the certificates/marks issued by the concerned educational board, the date of leaving the school on the date of birth (in the case of Tamil Nadu and Kerala) will be considered.

B) Degree / Diploma Certificate:

Along with marks related to all academic years as proof of academic qualification. In the absence of a degree/diploma certificate, a temporary certificate along with the academic year marks will be accepted.

C) An order/credit claim with equal educational qualification, which has been treated as an authority (including number and date), whereby, as required by the advertisement if a candidate has claimed certain qualification as a qualification.

(D) The certificate (s):

In the proforma prescribed by the head of the organization (s) / department (s) for the entire experience, shows the basic salary, clearly specifying the duration of the job (date, month and year), and the period (s) in the combined salary certificate. The nature of the duties/experience performed in the accompanying post should also be mentioned. A certificate of experience should be given in the prescribed format related to the post.
The experienced certificate is not in prescribed proforma but all the details mentioned above will be considered on the merits of the Commission.

E) The caste certificate of the candidate:

Seeking reservation as a Scheduled Castes / Tribes / OBC, the caste of the candidate in the prescribed pattern by the competent authority, the Act / Order under which the Scheduled Castes / Tribes / OBCs are known and the village/city is specified. The candidate is usually a resident.

F) The candidate seeking reservation as an OBC:

Declares in the prescribed pattern that, besides the Community Certificate (OBC), he/she is not related to the layer of cream on the due date. Unless otherwise specified, the prescribed deadline for the online recruitment application for the position will be considered an important date.


G) Physically handicapped certificate:

In the proforma prescribed by the competent authority by persons with disabilities eligible for appointment to the posts on the basis of prescribed criteria for medical fitness. A competent authority to issue a Physically Handicapped Certificate shall be a properly formed medical board by the Central or State Government. The Central / State Government may set up a medical board consisting of at least three members, of which at least one member shall specialize in a specific area for assessment of locomotor/cerebral/visual / hearing disability.

H) Candidates claiming the change of name after matriculation from marriage, remarriage or divorce, etc. will be submitted: –

i) In the case of marriage of women:

A copy of the husband’s wife’s passport showing the husband’s wife’s name or attested copy of marriage.

ii) In the case of remarriage of women:

The act of divorce/death certificate may be in the case of the first spouse, And a copy of the passport of the existing spouse or spouse’s name or the affidavit signed by the Registrar of Marriages or the affidavit of the spouse with the duly sworn before the Commissioner of Women.

iii)  In case of divorce of women:

Official copy of divorce decree and affidavit/affidavit taken oath before Commissioner iv) In case of renaming of both male and female – Deed poll/affidavit duly sworn before the Legislative Commissioner and two leading daily newspaper documents (one daily newspaper should be the permanent and present address area of ​​the applicant) or gadget notice.

i) Certificates / Documents in respect of age relaxation: i) Ex-servicemen and commissioned officers, including ECO / SSCO, in the proforma prescribed by the competent authority.

ii) Employees in the proforma prescribed by the competent authority issued by the Central / UT Government employees/employees after the advertisement.

iii) From January 1, 1980, to January 1, 1980, December 9, 1979, the people of Jammu and Kashmir were generally residents.

iv) A person seeking age relaxation under special provision/order.

j) Those who are already in regular government service must submit a written statement to the head of their office/department that they have applied for selection, irrespective of whether they have permanent or temporary ability without the basis of casual/immediate/daily pay / hourly salary/contract.

(K) any claim for commercial registration, language, publicity, net, gate, conference, internship claim, l) any other claim made.

Note I:

Latest Employment News UPSC Recruitment 53 Vacancies 2020 Apply Online, The date of birth mentioned in the online recruitment application is final. No further request for a date change will be considered or approved.

Note II:

Duration of experience given by the candidate on a part-time basis, daily salary, the appointment of visiting / guest professors for shortlisting of candidates will not be calculated while valid experience.

Note III:

If any document/certificate is in a language other than Hindi or English, a transcript of the same document verified by the Gazetted Officer or Notary must be submitted.



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