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Latest Govt Job In India Recent Govt Job Notifications: How to Apply – Application Process

Vacancy Details

How to apply:


i) Latest Govt Job In India Recent Govt Job Notifications: Candidates should apply online at website. Applications received through any other mode will not be accepted and briefly rejected.

ii) Candidates should upload documents/certificates in support of all claims made in the application such as date of birth, experience (preferably in the prescribed form), desirable qualification (s), etc. Or any other information, individually claims against each in a PDF file such that the file size should not exceed 1 MB for the above module and 2 MB for the “Upload Other Documents” module and will be legible when a printout is taken. For that purpose, applicants can scan the documents/certificates in a 200 dpi grayscale. Documents like Pay Slip, Resume, Appointment Letter, Relief Letter, Signed Experience Certificate, etc. should not be uploaded in the document upload module:

A) Matriculation Certificate showing the matriculation of the tenth or birth date, or the tenth/tenth marks sheet of matriculation or equivalent issued by the Central / State Board showing the date of birth in support of the age claim. If no date of birth is available in the Certificate / Marksheet, the school dropout certificate showing the date of birth, in the case given by the respective educational boards (in case of Tamil Nadu and Kerala).

Latest Govt Job In India Recent Govt Job Notifications
Latest Govt Job In India Recent Govt Job Notifications

B) Degree / Diploma Certificate as proof of academic qualification. Temporary Certificate with Certificate of Academic Year in the absence of Degree / Diploma Certificate.

C) An order/credit claim with equal educational qualification, which has been treated as an authority (including number and date), whereby, as required by the advertisement if a candidate has claimed certain qualification as a qualification.

(D) The certificate (s) in the proforma prescribed by the head of the organization (s) / department (s) for the entire experience, shows the basic salary, clearly specifying the duration of the job (date, month and year), and the period (s) in the combined salary certificate. The nature of the duties/experience performed in the accompanying post should also be mentioned. A certificate of experience should be given in the prescribed format related to the post. The experienced certificate is not in prescribed proforma but all the details mentioned above will be considered on the merits of the Commission

E) The caste certificate of the candidate seeking reservation as a Scheduled Castes / Tribes / OBC, the caste of the candidate in the prescribed pattern by the competent authority, Act / Order under which the Scheduled Castes / Tribes / OBCs are known and the village/city is specified. The candidate is usually a resident.


F) As OBCs show differences, Community Certificate (OBC) derivatives do not belong to deadline / third fun. Otherwise discovered, if all the assets are low, the date will be important.

G) A well-known disability criterion for the prescribed designation of diabetes fitness.

A competent authority to issue a Physically Handicapped Certificate shall be a properly formed medical board by the Central or State Government. The Central / State Government may set up a medical board consisting of at least three members, of which at least one member shall specialize in a specific area for assessment of locomotor/cerebral/visual / hearing disability.

H) Documentary basis for any other claims (Dr). Note: If a document/certificate is in a language other than Hindi or English, a copy of the same procedure as certified by the Gazetted Officer or Notary should be uploaded. iii) Important: Candidates will be advised to fill in their true and active e-mail addresses in the online application as all submissions will be made by e-mail only.

Your candidate will be emailed along with an application for a vacancy at the educational and required interview record, in connection with the copy of the certificate submitted in response to the claim made in the online application. Commission. iv) Candidates who wish to apply for more than one post should apply separately for each post and pay the fee for each post in a prescribed manner.

vi)   After submitting the Online Recruitment Application (ORA), candidates must print out the online recruitment application submitted at the end. vi) Candidates are not required to submit to the Commission by post or printouts of their online applications or other documents. Applicants for the interview will have to bring along printouts of their online applications and the documents mentioned in para 7 below.

vii) Applicants should submit a single online recruitment application for each position; However, if this is the case, if he/she has submitted multiple online recruitment applications for one position, he/she should ensure that the application with the highest “Application Number” is complete in all respects with the fee.
Applicants submitting multiple online recruitment applications should note that the Commission should apply for online recruitment application only with “Online Number” and the fee paid on one “Application Number” will not be adjusted in comparison to any other “Application Number”. General Chat Chat Lounge viii) Online application should be submitted to the candidates in advance without waiting for the deadline.

Latest Govt Job In India Recent Govt Job Notifications:



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