Fresh Govt Jobs Current Govt Jobs In India UPSC 53 Vacancies Eligibility

Fresh Govt Jobs Current Govt Jobs In India: Eligibility Criteria 53 UPSC Vacancies

Vacancy Details

1. Citizenship:

Fresh Govt Jobs Current Govt Jobs In India, The candidate must be either: (a) a citizen of India, or (b) a subject of Nepal, or (a) a Bhutanese subject, or (d) a permanent resident of India with a Tibetan refugee who arrived in India before January 1, 1962, or (e) Pakistan. , A person of Indian origin who settled in Burma, Sri Lanka or Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania (formerly Tanganyika and Zanzibar), Zambia. Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia, and Vietnam are intended to settle in India permanently.

But a candidate in the above categories (b), (c), (d) and (e) shall be the one whose certificate of eligibility is issued by the Government of India. Note: If the Commission considers the application of a candidate whose certificate of eligibility is required and recommends an appointment, a temporary appointment may also be made to the candidate whose government will submit the required certificate in their favor. India.

Fresh Govt Jobs Current Govt Jobs In India
Fresh Govt Jobs Current Govt Jobs In India

2. Age Limit:

The age range for the position is given in the advertisement. Please refer to the Concessions and Leisure Concerns for age discounts approved in different categories.

3. Minimum Required Qualifications:

All applicants must meet the mandatory requirements in the post and other conditions in the promotion. They must have the minimum qualifications required for various positions. No inquiries seeking eligibility advice will be entertained.



The prescribed essential qualifications are minimal and the mere possession of them does not give the candidate the right to speak for the interview.


At a meeting of a very large number of applications, the Commission (Crosidia) will cancel the list of shortlisted shortcuts and have to be called for a more responsible number of interviews on any or more of them.

(A) “on the basis of the desired eligibility (DQ) or more than one DQ on any or all DQ basis.”

(B) on the basis of the minimum educational qualifications mentioned in the advertisement.

(C) On the basis of higher experience in the relevant field than the minimum mentioned in the advertisement.

(D) by measuring experience before or after the acquisition of the required qualifications

(E) by giving experience in the absence of any experience mentioned as a required qualification (EQ) or desired qualification (DQ).

(F) By taking the recruitment examination. Candidates should be compensated, from there onwards, keep in mind their / his qualifications and experience in all relevant fields and at least qualify above.



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