Current Govt Jobs In India Recent Govt Job Notifications 53 UPSC vacancies Instructions

Current Govt Jobs In India Recent Govt Job Notifications: Instructions and additional information on a grant for recruitment by choice


1. Citizenship:

The candidate must be either: (a) a citizen of India, or (b) a subject of Nepal, or (a) a Bhutanese subject, or (d) a permanent resident of India with a Tibetan refugee who arrived in India before January 1, 1962, or (e) Pakistan. , A person of Indian origin who settled in Burma, Sri Lanka or Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania (formerly Tanganyika and Zanzibar), Zambia. Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia, and Vietnam are intended to settle in India permanently.

Vacancy Details

But a candidate in the above categories (b), (c), (d) and (e) shall be the one whose certificate of eligibility is issued by the Government of India. Note: If the Commission considers the application of a candidate whose certificate of eligibility is required and recommends an appointment, a temporary appointment may also be made to the candidate whose government will submit the required certificate in their favor. India.

Current Govt Jobs In India Recent Govt Job Notifications
Current Govt Jobs In India Recent Govt Job Notifications

2. Age Limit:

The age range for the position is given in the advertisement. Please refer to the Concessions and Leisure Concerns for age discounts approved in different categories.

3. Minimum Required Qualifications:

All applicants must meet the mandatory requirements in the post and other conditions in the promotion. They must have the minimum qualifications required for various positions. No inquiries seeking eligibility advice will be entertained.


The prescribed essential qualifications are minimal and the mere possession of them does not give the candidate the right to speak for the interview.


At a meeting of a very large number of applications, the Commission (Crosidia) will cancel the list of shortlisted shortcuts and have to be called for a more responsible number of interviews on any or more of them.

(A) “on the basis of the desired eligibility (DQ) or more than one DQ on any or all DQ basis.”

(B) on the basis of the minimum educational qualifications mentioned in the advertisement.

(C) On the basis of higher experience in the relevant field than the minimum mentioned in the advertisement.

(D) by measuring experience before or after the acquisition of the required qualifications

(E) by giving experience in the absence of any experience mentioned as a required qualification (EQ) or desired qualification (DQ).

(F) By taking the recruitment examination. Candidates should be compensated, from there onwards, keep in mind their / his qualifications and experience in all relevant fields and at least qualify above.


Current Govt Jobs In India Recent Govt Job Notifications: Important

(i) Minimum level selection by category in interviews, the selection will be made only by interview or after interview after recruitment examination, UR-50० marks, OBC-45 marks, SC / ST / PH-40 marks, 100 marks out of total marks of the interview.

(ii) In the case where the interview is selected by a recruitment test (RT), the candidate will have to attain at least the level of qualification in both their respective category ie ‘recruitment exam’ as well as ‘interview’. In the case of RT, the minimum eligibility decision will be decided by the Commission on a case by case basis.

4. Application Fee:

(A) Candidates Rs. 5 / – (Rs. 25) only by cashing in any SBI branch or by using SBI’s Net Banking facility or Visa / Master Credit / Debit Card.

(B) There is no charge for SC / ST / PH / Women candidates in any society. There is no “fee waiver” available to OBC male candidates and they have to pay the entire prescribed fee.

(C) Applications will not be considered and a summary will not be rejected without prescribed charges. No such representation will be made against such denials.

(D) The fee once paid shall not be refunded under any circumstances or reservation fee for any other examination or selection.

5.Consciences and Relaxation:

(A) In the case of ex-servicemen and commissioned officers, including ECO / SSCOs, subject to conditions that the upper age limit will be relaxed after five years, continuous service in the armed forces will be provided by the East on the last date of receipt of application. – Not less than six months after the serviceman certification.

This relaxation is also available to ECOs / SSCOs who have completed the initial tenure of five years of military service and whose appointments have been extended beyond five years to the last date and who have the Ministry of Defense certificate, announced within 3 months from the date of receipt of the offer of appointment. Go Candidates seeking age relaxation under this paragraph must submit the certificate in the prescribed professorship.


Latest Employment News UPSC Recruitment 53 Vacancies 2020 Apply Online, Ex-servicemen who have already secured regular employment under the central government. Civil posts are allowed under the central government to avail of age-long concession for access to service providers for employment in any higher office or service. However, if there is anything for the ex-servicemen in the central government, such candidates will not be eligible for reservation benefits.



(B) To qualify for the exemption under (a) above, a certificate has to be issued to the concerned candidate that has been declared by the Defense Forces. Ex-Servicemen and Commissioning Officers’ certificates including ECO / SSCOs should be signed by the appropriate authority authorities mentioned below and also specify the duration of service in the Defense Forces: –

(i) Commissioned Officers with ECO / SSCO if Army: Directorate, Services, Military Headquarters, New Delhi. Naval: Directorate of Personnel Services Naval Headquarters, New Delhi. Air Force: Directorate of Personnel Services, Air Headquarters, New Delhi.

(ii) In the case of JCO / OR and Naval and Air Force equivalent: Army: Through various regimental record offices. Navy: Naval Records, Bombay Air Force: Air Force Records, New Delhi.

C) Age relaxation for Central Government employees: Central / UT The upper age limit is relaxed. Servant India up to 5 years from time to time as directed by the Government. (This means that the candidates belonging to the Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes category can get a maximum of 10 years of age exemption in their respective category. Similarly, the OBC candidates will get a maximum of 8 years with a 3 year age discount for the OBC category.

This exemption will be acceptable to the Government employees who have been in service continuously for years in the Central Government and are working in the same line or related posts and where it may be established that the service already performed at that particular post will be useful.

Efficient discharge of the duties of the position to which he is being recruited. The decision in this regard will be with the Commission. Candidates claiming to be in the category of Central Government Service and seeking exemption under this paragraph should submit the certificate in the prescribed proforma issued after an advertisement from their / her employer as per the official letter.

That he/she is a regularly employed employee and is not an employee on a casual/stressful/daily wage / hourly salary/contract basis.

(D) Age relaxation for persons having general residence in the State of Jammu and Kashmir from January 1, 1980, December to December 9, 1979: All persons having a general age allowance will be allowed at the age of higher age.

(E) Residents of the state of Jammu and Kashmir during the period from January 1, 1980, December to December 9, 1979. The persons resting under this subparagraph are required to submit a certificate from the District Judge to whose jurisdiction the general duty resided. Or by any other authority appointed by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir. This relaxation will be effective until 31.12.2019.

(F) Age Discounts for Physically Handicapped (PH) Individuals:

i) Discounts of 10 years (This means that candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes category will get 5 years and maximum age of 15 years for their respective classes. Similarly, OBC candidates will have a maximum of 13 years. Discounts up to 3 years of age are allowed in the OBC category.
(A) blindness or low vision,

(b) hearing impairment and

(c) locomotor disability or cerebral palsy, leprosy cured, dualism, id sid attack victim and muscular dystrophy,

(d) autism, intellectual disability, certain learning disabilities, and mental illness,

(G) Direct recruitment to all the civic positions/services under the Central Government, including many deaf persons with deafness under section (a) to (d), who may be conditioned. The maximum age of the applicant should not exceed 56 years on the last date.

Regardless of whether the age discount for persons with disabilities is reserved for persons with disabilities, this term may be appropriate for the relevant category of persons with disabilities.

ii) Individuals with a disability of at least 40% are allowed to age relaxation.

iii)  If a person with a disability is eligible for age exemption on the basis of being an employee of the Central Government, then he or she may be exempt from the ‘Person with Disabilities’ or ‘Central Government Employee’ whichever is more profitable.

iv) The above provisions do not apply to a post/service wherein other specific provisions regarding age relaxation have been made by notification.

v) Different categories of disabilities for the purpose of age rest shall be specified in the DOP & T’s OM No. 36035/3/2004-Estate (Reservation) dated December 29, 2005.



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