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Assam Police Recruitment 2020: General instructions

i. Any T.A. / DA Candidates will be eligible for travel and will not be able to stay at any time.

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Assam Police Recruitment 2020
Assam Police Recruitment 2020

ii. Selected lists without the satisfaction of departments do not have the right to appoint. After a thorough medical examination, the candidate should be investigated and necessary verification should be done before hiring such services/posts.

iii. Candidates have to be present at all stages of recruitment. If a candidate is absent, his / her candidature will be canceled at any stage/event.

iv. Candidates will be briefly denied at any stage of the recruitment process Not officially compliant / Incomplete Information / Inaccurate Information / Incomplete Required Certificate / Misrepresentation of fact / Impersonation.

v. Upon appointment, the candidates will be governed by the respective service rules, the revised and manuals of the Assam Police Act, 2007, as amended from time to time with the Assam Police. vi. The selected candidate will be required to join and work in any district or unit anywhere in the state of Assam. The district where the candidate is selected has nothing to do with the posting location.

vii. The selected candidates will be governed by the new pension rules of the Government. As mentioned, the selected candidates will be required to undertake activities in accordance with Finance (b). BW.3 / 2003 / Pt. II / 1, Div. 25-01-2005.

viii. Selected candidates are required to undergo primary police training on the spot and thereby the competent authority. Thereafter, they will be in the trade. The duration and place and time of training set by the competent authority shall apply to the relevant section of the probation period. Any candidate who fails to complete the training or is otherwise unfit for the job will be discharged from service during the probationary period.

ix. Physical tests are rigorous and have qualified medical examiners. Condition tests should only be performed. No injuries or SLPRB shall be held liable for any pre-existing medical examination that the candidate has suffered an accident at the time of examination.

x. Fake documents/misinformation/misinformation about facts can result in refusal and the candidate to be held responsible for criminal proceedings if the selection/appointment is found at any stage before or after.


xi. Employers will have to sign an agreement by which he/she will be required to Serve at least 3 (three) years after posting anywhere or by default Reimbursement of training expenses and travel expenses provided by Government xii. The final appointment upon submission is subject to satisfactory police verification Reports and final medical examination report according to existing criteria. If the police Verification report or final medical examination report was found to be unsatisfactory, Such candidates will be rejected completely.

xiii. There will be rules and regulations, terms and conditions of training and so forth APRO and F&ES applicable.

xiv. The vacant positions shown in the ad are subject to change Final selection/appointment.

xv. Candidates will be disqualified if they are directly or indirectly campaigning.

xvi. The probationer is liable to briefly discharge the service if it is during.

Assam Police Recruitment 2020: He/she remains ill or is on leave for a total and longer period of probation

Either continuous or intermittent breaks (9 (ninety) days).

3) Transport process:

2) Candidates and the general public are requested to assist the SLPRB

Recruitment in a fair, fair and transparent manner.

2) The candidate is not required to pay any amount at any stage

Recruitment process except for medical examination if there is a government requirement

Hospital according to the rules.

Money) Any complaint may be lodged against money demand or other misconduct

Assam Police Recruitment 2020: The weblink provided for the purpose of the complaint was sent on

The identity of the complainant will be kept confidential.

Complaints can also be sent by post to the following address: –

State Level Police Recruitment Board, Assam
Rehabari, Guwahati-781008

Anonymous complaints cannot be entertained. )) It is criminal to bribe a candidate for or in favor of him Crime. Such an action could immediately disqualify him Candidacy.

State Level Police Recruitment Board, Assam
Rehabari, Guwahati-781008






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