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10th Pass Govt Job: Apply for Post office jobs. Dates may change due to the CORONA-VIRUS effect.


Last Date of Application:- 5 – 8 – 2020

I. Job Profile: –

(i) Branch Postmaster (BPM)

The job profile of the branch postmaster will include the managerial functions of the branch post office, Ensuring uninterrupted counter operation between India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) Prescribed working hours using the supplied handheld device/smartphone/laptop Department. Complete management of postal facilities, maintenance of records, Monitoring of handheld devices/laptops/equipment ensuring online transactions and marketing.

Post, India Post Payments Bank services and business purchases in villages or Gram Panchayats within the limits of Branch Post Office should rest on its Shoulders of branch postmasters. However, the work done for the IPPB will not happen TRCA has been included in the calculation, as it is being done on an incentive basis
The postmaster branch will be the team leader of the post office and full responsibility
Post office work smoothly and on time with mail conveniences and mail delivery
He/she can be assisted by the Assistant Branch Post Master of the same Branch Post Office.

The order requires BPM to perform the combined duties of ABPM. He will too It is necessary to do marketing, organizing fairs, buying the business, and any other work Appointed by IPO / ASPO / SPO / SSPO / SRM / SSRM and other supervising officers. In some Of the branch post offices, BPM has to do all the work of BPM / ABPM.

(ii) Assistant Branch Postmaster (ABPM)

The job profile of the Assistant Branch Postmaster will include all sales work Mail delivery on stamps/stationery, conveyance and door deposits/payments/others Transactions under IPPB, using counter duty to branch postmasters The handheld device/smartphone supplied by the department, however, worked The IPPB will not be included in the TRCA calculation as this work is ongoing Incentive basis. He will also need to do marketing, organizing fairs, doing business
Branch Postmaster or any other work assigned
There will also be IPO / ASPO / SPO / SSPO / SRM / SSRM and other supervising officers ABPM
To perform the joint duty of BPM as per the order.


The job profile of the Postal Service shall include all the work of stamp and stationery sales, sending and distribution of mail, and any other duties assigned by the Postmaster / Sub Postmaster along with the IPPB work in the Divisional Post Offices / RMS. However, the IRPB worked will not be included in the TRCA calculation, as the incentive work is being done on a case by case basis.
The Postmasters / Sub Postmasters will also have to assist them in smooth management of the work of the Divisional Post Office and marketing, business procurement, or any other work.

In Railway Mail Services (RMS), GDS has to handle RMS related work, closing/opening of bags, carrying of bags from one place to another and any other tasks assigned by RMS officials.

II. Time Related Continuity Allowance (TRCA)

This will be payable in the following categories of minimum TRCA GDS. Directorate Order No. 17-31/2016-GDS dated 25.06.2018.

Sr. No.CategoryMinimum TRCA for 4
Hours/Level 1 in TRCA Slab
Minimum TRCA for 5
hours/Level 2 in TRCA slab
1.BPMRs. 12,000/-Rs. 14,500/-
2.ABPM/Dak SevakRs. 10,000/-Rs. 12,000/-

(ii) However, in respect of GDS operating on or after 01.07.2018, the initial determination of TRCA will be
Done at the first stage of Level-I of the respective category.

III. Details of vacancies for which applications have been invited are given in Appendix-1.

IV. Eligibility


The minimum and maximum age for investment in GDS positions will be
Date of notification of vacancies on 06.07.2020 for 18 and 40 years respectively.
The permissible rest in the upper age limit for different categories is as follows: –

Sr. No.CategoryPermissible Age Relaxation
1.Schedule Caste/Scheduled Tribe (SC/ST)5 Years
2.Other Backward Classes (OBC)3 Years
3.Economically Weaker Sections (EWS)No relaxation*
4.Persons with Disabilities (PwD)10 years*
5.Persons with Disabilities (PwD) + OBC13 years*
6.Persons with Disabilities (PwD) + SC/ST15 years*

Note: – 1 *

EWS candidates will not get any concession in the upper age limit. However, Individuals related to EWS who are not included in the plan Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and OBC reservations will get 10% reservation in the investment According to the post of Rural Postal Officer in the Postal Department Directorate’s instructions no. 17-09 / 2019-GDS dated 02/26/2019.

Note: -2 *

Reservations will be reserved for all investment officers
Disabled for all categories GDS posts except for individuals with benchmarks disability “blind” (for all categories of GDS). Percentage of reservation

They can be maintained in the same way as SC, ST, and OBC categories in GDS posts As per the order of Directorate, no. 17-08 / 2017-GDS dated 26.02.2019. Rest within the upper age limit is subject to the maximum age limit The age of the applicant should not be more than 55 years on the important date.

V. Educational Qualification

(i) Certificate of passing 10th Secondary School Examination with passing marks In mathematics, in the vernacular and in English (compulsory or Optional subjects) taken by any recognized school board Government of India / State Government / Union Territory Mandatory educational qualification for all recognized categories of Rural Post Servant. (Referred to Directorate Order No. 17-31 / 2016- GDS dated 25.06.2018). In the first attempt, the candidate will pass the matriculation examination Quality treatment against students who are forced to pass.

(ii) Compulsory knowledge of local language

The candidate should study at least the local language
X (as compulsory or optional subject) as declared by the State Government in accordance with the constitutional provisions relating to the 8th Schedule.

Indian Constitution. The list of official languages of the state is given below: –

Sr. No.Name Of CircleName of State/ Union
Territory covered under
Postal Circle
Local language as for
the Postal Circle
1.AssamAssam (Excluding Three
dists of Barak Valley and
Bodoland Territorial
Council Areas)
Three Dist. of Barak Valley – Bengali.
Bodoland Territorial
Council Areas – Bodo
Dadra Nagar Haveli
Daman and Diu
7.Himachal PradeshHimachal PradeshHindi
8.J & K CircleJ & K CircleUrdu, Hindi
Lakshadweep and
12.Madhya PradeshMadhya PradeshHindi
15.North EastArunachal PradeshHindi/English
Puducherry (excluding
Mahe and Yanam)
21.Uttar PradeshUttar PradeshHindi
23.West BengalWest Bengal (Other than
Darjeeling Postal Division)
Darjeeling Postal Division
(other than GTA* Area)
Post Offices under GTA*
Area (Gorkha Territorial
Andaman and Nicobar

(iii) Basic computer training
Candidates will be required for all recognized categories of GDS mentioned in (i) above Provide basic computer training course certificate for a period of at least 60 days from any Computer training institutes run by Central Government / State Governments / Universities /Board / Private Institution Institution. This requirement of basic computer knowledge The certificate will be comfortable for the candidate who has studied computer as a subject.

Matric or Twelfth or any other higher education level and in such a case an A separate certificate will not be requested.

(vi) Residence status Rule 3-A of the GDS

Candidates shall apply as mentioned in (conduct and Engagement) Rules, 2020. Candidate applying for BPM post is required to Provide accommodation for branch post office after selection but before engagement. The The residence must meet the following prescribed standards: –

(i) The building may be owned by the Gram Panchayat or the Central Government/State government such as schools or offices or BPM’s own house or appropriate rent accommodation in a busy place in the post village.

(ii) Location– The branch office (BO) should be located in the main busy area Post Village.

(iii) Size– Minimum size of branch post office should not be less than 100 square feet
Preferably 10’x10 ’in size and on the ground floor.

(iv) Approach– Branch Post Office must have direct access/approach from the village It should be located in front of the road and the building in which it is located. The branch post office should not be kept in a veranda, courtyard, kitchen. SPWC under the stairs, bedrooms, damaged rooms, temporary accommodation, Independent buildings, etc. outside the village. Which is difficult to access/access Customer

(v) Design – Branch post office accommodation should be a priority brick Design of mortar to ensure safety and security. The room should be neat It should be well ventilated and light and well maintained and beautiful white Washed.

(vi) Power supply – Post office room must have electrical connection Handheld devices and fans, light bulbs, etc. Must be charged The right place to install solar panels.

(vii) Branch post office space should be available only Post office use. It will probably work from a shop in a village but will work from a post office shop There should be a special place for holding registers, micro ATMs or by hand Etc. to show important symbols other than the device and other item spaces. Giving due importance to the post office.

(viii) Currently, DARPAN / Computer / Laptop devices are using all the four networks Service Provider (NSP) to ensure connection to Airtel and BSNL branch posts Offices. When providing accommodation for the branch post office, it should be Make sure the network is available for any of these NSPs.

Further, it is clarified that the candidate who has applied for BPM Provide the above-prescribed standard of residence if the choice is appropriate If he is engaged before committing and as a BPM he will have the right to leave Directorate O.M. Collective allowance prescribed in @ Rs.500 / – per month is not 17-31 / 2016-GDS dated 25.06.2018 and No. 17-31 / 2016-GDS (Pt.) Dated 28.09.2018.

Further, if the candidate is selected and engaged as BPM, they will get the seat Stay in free government accommodation and post for the post office in rented office BPM equivalent allowance will be 2 for 0 / – Who provides non-standard accommodation (for those who do not meet) Is considered a non-standard facility as mentioned in) Directorate O.M. No. 17-31 / 2016-GDS dated 25.06.2018 and No. 17-31 / 2016-GDS (PT)
Dated 28.09.2018.

(vii) Knowledge of cycling

Knowledge of cycling is a pre-requisite for all GDS posts. In the case of a candidate who has knowledge of riding a scooter or motorcycle can be considered as such Knowledge of cycling. The candidate has to submit a statement in this regard.

(viii) Adequate means of Livelihood

The candidate applying for the post should keep in mind that he/she will have sufficient means to support himself/herself and his / her family from other sources to meet his / her income. However, candidates will not have this pre-requisite purpose.
The selected candidate must comply with this condition within 30 years after the election but before the engagement. The candidate should submit a guarantee. Other sources of income besides the allowance are the applications he/she has for himself/herself and his / her family to be paid by the government for adequate means of employment.
Once selected as a rural postal worker, the candidate will have to re-undertake before committing. The condition of subsistence resources shall apply as stated in Rule-A

(iii) GDS (Conduct and Engagement) Rules, 2020. However, this condition may not be a GDS post or for the purpose of applying for election there, the candidate must comply with this prescribed condition to the pre-requisite selected candidate within 30 days after selection but will continue before engagement and discharge. Of safety
On the commitment as

IX Furnishing GDS, the person engaged in it must provide security in it in a manner determined from time to time. In case the current security amount is GDS branch postmaster and other recognized category ABPM and postal servant is Rs.1,00,000 / -. (Dt. 17-18 / 2018-GDS on 14.01.2020)


X. Consolidation for Branch Office Post Office Candidates selected for BPM’s investment will have to be given a central location. Eleven alternate positions will not be considered for investment in the position.

XI Alternate positions will not be considered for investment in the position. The candidate selected as Twelfth Rural Postal Service shall not participate in any outside agency which is detrimental to the business or interest of the Post Office. Twelfth Past experience or any type of service will not be considered for selection.

XII The Grameen Dak Sevak Sangh will be governed outside the civil service and by the GDS (Conduct and Engagement) Rules 2020 as amended from time to time.

XIII Fulfillment of other terms and conditions will be applicable to GDS Post as per the terms and conditions of investment in the relevant GDS Rules (Conduct and Engagement) Rules, 2020.

XVI Adequate representation of SC / ST / OBC, Department of Persons with Disabilities and Financially Weak Persons (EWS)

Instructions are given on 19-17 /97-ED and TRG dated, No. 17-08 / 2017-GDS dated 26.02.2019 and No. 17-09 / 2019-GDS dated 26.02. 2019 Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe / OBC Community, with adequate representation of individuals with disabilities and economically weaker sections (EWS), will continue to apply. GDS will provide suitable disability for persons with disabilities as follows: –

Sr. No.Name of The PostsCategories of disability suitable for the post.
1.BPM/ ABPM/ Dak
a) Low vision (LV),
b) D(Deaf), HH (Hard of hearing),
c) One Arm (OA), One Leg (OL), Leprosy Cured,
Dwarfism, Acid Attack Victim,
d) Specific learning disability.
Multiple disabilities from amongst disabilities
mentioned at (a) to (d) above except Deaf and

How to apply:

The only online application will be accepted by the candidate. Who is the candidate?
In order to apply online, one has to register himself in the portal Effective from https://indiapost.gov.in or https://appost.in/gdsonline 06.07.2020 to 05.08.2020 with the following basic details to get the registration number: –

i) Name (with spaces in capital letter as per 10th certificate)

ii) Father’s name

iii) Mobile number (specific for one registration number)

iv) Date of birth

v) Gender

vi) Community

vii) PH – Type of Disability – (HH / OH / VH) – Percentage of Disability

viii) The state in which class X was passed

ix) Board in which the tenth has passed

x) Year of passing 10th

xi) Class X Certificate Number / Roll Number (Optional)

xii) Transgender Certificate issued by District Ricketts.
Transgender Individuals (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019.

Only one registration is allowed for one candidate. The same registration number is required Can be used to submit applications during cycles in any circle.

Mobile number mapping is mandatory for registration. The same mobile number will not come once registered permission for registration of any other candidates. If there are any duplicates all the candidature applications related to all these have been registered with changes in the basic details registrations will be removed for selection consideration. Any candidate forgotten registration Number You can get a registration number through the ‘Forgot Registration’ option.

(I). 10th Pass Govt Job: Staff Car Driver Recruitment

10th Pass Govt Job: The expiry date for the date of receipt of an application for Recruitment for Employee Car Driver (General Category) for direct recruitment under the PMG Goa section of 0/0 Senior Manager, MMS, Mumbai and 0/0 SSPO / SPO for the year 2018.

This notification no. DMS-B / २-8 / Driver Rect. / XXIX/2018/172 is dated 13/2/220. In respect of the above recruitment of Staff Car Driver (General) issued at this office for the year 2018 in the O/o Senior Manager, MMS, Mumbai and O/o SSPO’s/SPO’s, Senior, CEO Manager under PMG Goa Division on direct recruitment basis. The notification above has already been uploaded on the website.

10th Pass Govt Job: The last date for receipt of the application was 30.03.2020 at 17.00 hrs, which can be read on 04 – 05 – 2020 as per the view of the lockdown announced by COVID19.

The above information may be uploaded on the India Post website under the “Extension of Time” link for the recruitment of Staff Car Driver (General Category) for Year 1 Car in 0/0 Senior Manager, MMS, Mumbai and 3.5 in. SSPO / SPO under PMG Goa Division on direct recruitment

Name of the Post:- Staff Car Driver

10th Pass Govt Job: The new deadline for receipt of applications is on 04 – 05 – 2020 at 17,00 hrs.

Copy over (for information please):

(1) PMG Goa Department, Panaji-403001.

(2) ADPS (Rules) 1/4 CPMG, Maharashtra Circle, Mumbai-4000 01.

(3) Directorate of Employment and Safe Employment, State of Maharashtra (Mahaswayam), Shreyas Chamber, 1st floor 175, d. N. Road, Mumbai-4000 01.

(4) Directorate of Employment Exchange, 4th Floor, Labor Shakti Bhavan, Patto Center, Panaji, Goa – 403001.

(5) Directorate of Employment Exchange (South Goa), Fortorda, Goa-403601.

(6) For information go to SSPO’s Goa DVN. / Sangli DVN of SPO’s / Ratnagiri DVN of SPO’s / Sindhudurg DVN of SPO’s and for publicity to move into employment exchange in their jurisdiction.

Post Department, Office of the Veteran Manager, Mail Motor Services, 134-A, S. K Ahere Road, Worli, Mumbai-400018.

Our advertising notification no. DMS-B / २-8 / Driver Rect. / XXIX / 2018 / 172, dated 13 – 02 – 2020, published on www.indiapost.gov.in, Lokasatta Daily Newspaper (Marathi) on 24.02.2020 and Employment News 7 – 13 March 2020 to receive application

The last date was 30.03.2020 at 17.00, which may be Read 04.05.2020 at 17,00 hrs in the morning for the lockdown announced by COVID19.

10th Pass Govt Job – All the rest:-

i) The terms and conditions are the same.

ii) The new deadline for receipt of applications is on 04 – 05 – 2020 at 17,00 hrs.

iii) Detailed instructions are available at www.indiapost.gov.in.

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Division & PostNo. of Vacant PostUREWSSCSTOBCESM
Senior Manager, Mail Motor Service, Mumbai10040101010301
Sr. Supdt. Of Post Offices, Goa 0101
Sr. Supdt. Of Post Offices, Sangli 0101
Supdt. Of Post Offices, Ratnagiri 0101
Supdt. Of Post Offices, Sindhudurg 0101

10 Vacancies (MMS Mumbai-05, MMS Goa-03, MMS Kolhapur-02). The vacancy reserved for the Ex-Servicemen (ESM) will be filled from any category and then adjusted horizontally against the respective category i.e. Ur / EWS / SC / ST / OBC as the selected candidate will depend on which category.
This means that the vacancies assigned to the ex-servicemen are included in the total vacancies.

Staff Car Driver’s Pay Scale:

19,900/ – (Level 2 in the salary matrix according to 7th CPC).

Probation Period: 2 years for direct recruitment.

Last date for receipt of application:

on 30.03.2020 or up to 1700 hours before.


A) Age limit for direct recruitment:

2 to 5 y years (5 years for SC and ST, y years for OBC, for Government servants up to ants 5 years as per instructions or order drawn by the Central Government – Maximum 3 for SC & ST after deducting military service from the actual age. Years [08 (3+ 5) years and 06 (3 + 3) years for OBC].

In order to get age relaxation under SC / ST / OBC / ESM, the caste certificate submitted in the prescribed pattern for the appointment under the Government of India will be considered. The critical date for determining the age limit is 30.03.2020.

B) Educational and other qualifications for direct recruitment:

(i) To obtain a driving license for light and heavy motor vehicles.

(ii) Knowledge of motor systems (the candidate should be able to remove minor defects in the vehicle).

(iii) Experience in driving light and heavy motor vehicles for at least three years.

(iv) Tenth Pass from recognized Board or Institutions.

C) Desirable Qualifications:

Three years of service as a Home Guard or Civil Volunteer.

Selection method:

Drivers will be selected on the basis of the driving tests to assess their ability to operate light and heavy motor vehicles, among the above-mentioned eligibility criteria. Eligible candidates will be informed separately on the date and place of the exam. No information will be sent in respect of other eligible applicants.

Submit the application with the following Biodata:

(i) Full Name (Block letters).

(ii) Full Name of the father.

(iii) Post Application.

(iv) Permanent address.

(v) Address of correspondence with zip code.

(vi) Citizenship: Indian / other (tick).

(vii) Date of Birth (Christian period).

(viii) Age on 30.03.2020.

(ix) Reservation Category: UR / EWS / SC / ST / OBC (non-cream level).

(x) Category: Ex-servicemen / Others (tick).

(xi) Issue of driving license details with validity: (Lmv This and HMV separately).

(xiii) Period of Driving Experience: (LMV and HMV separately).

(xiv) Any other relevant information.

(xv) certified by HomeGuard Service.

The candidate must sign the application and accompany it:

Photocopy of the following certificates certified by the candidate:

i) Age Certificate,

ii) SL 7 (b) (iv),

iii) Driving license as per the qualification as stated in SL 1 (b) (iii),

iv) Driving License / License Transcript (b) As shown in (i)

v) EWS / ST / SC / OBC / ESM Certificate for appointment in the sample appointed by the competent authority under the Government of India.

vi) Certificate of the grant of other Backward Class (Non-Alcoholic Layer) Certificate for applying for the post under Government of India in Form-9.
Candidates wishing to consider reservation for vacant posts and / or age relaxation should have the relevant certificates (EWS / SC / ST / OBC / Non creamier layer / ESM etc) issued by the competent / notified authority.

Prescribed pattern before the cutoff date or (end date of advertisement) otherwise their claim for any category will not be entertained and their application will be considered in the non-reserved (UR) category vacancies if the application is eligible. When applying for the position with valid certificates, the candidate will have to select that particular category. No request to change the category will be entertained at a later stage.

If applicants wish to apply for more than one ward, the application can be sent separately to each section as mentioned in the Column Number of the above-mentioned details. If the applications addressed are combined for more than one department, those applications will not be considered in any division and applications will be rejected.

In all cases, the speed of application in the prescribed form should be sent only through the “Speed Post / Registered Post on 30003.2020 or before on 30.03.2020 in the relevant section as mentioned in the column number (9)”. Applications received in any other way will be rejected. The deadline to reach the application is on 30.03.2020 or up to 1700 hours before.

Without the full information, certificates or copies of certificates without application or self-verification of applications will be rejected in a straightforward manner without any notice or information. References to the prescribed pattern of certificates in the EWS / SC / ST / OBC / ESM category and the required terms and conditions and other conditions and conditions are available on the website: www.indiapost.gov.in

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